Ever since GL Sharma has been appointed as the Chairman of Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.(HDDCFL), Sharma has been trying his utmost to revive this ailing organisation. Now after few months of assuming the office his efforts have started showing the results.
In a candid interview, Sharma talked  in details about his strategies to revive this loss making organisation , future planning and reforms in the administration of the organisation to make Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.as one of the leading dairy Development organisations of the country.

“See Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd. (HDDCFL) make several dairy products like  Vita A2 Desi Milk, Vita Ghee, Vita Paneer, Vita Butter, Vita Kheer, Vita Namkeen Lassi, Vita Lassi etc. All our products are highly nutritious and healthy. But its products were not marketed right direction by previous Congress Government. Ever since CM Manohar Lal Khattar came to power, the CM has  taken a keen interest of  HDDCFL. Now after several months HDDCFL has started showing the profits.  During this financial year, the profit of HDDCF has reached  24.80 Crores.  By next year we want to make a profit of 40 Crores.    

“We have stressed on the proper marketing of our products. We are in negotiation with other departments of Haryana Government like Haryana Roadways, HUDA,  Municipal Organization of all the town and cities to provide us space for establishment of Vita booth. We are planning to open Vita booths all over the state, where Vita Products are not available. Though we are bound by different cooperative rules and regulations but we are progressing  in this regards, ” said GL Sharma.
While talking about the new things he is bringing to the Organization, Sharma said, “We  have proposed to open several other departments like  IT, PR and Legal to make it as one of the most vibrant organisation while in cope with changing time and face the stiff competition from the private players. The distribution system of HDDCFL is to be strengthened. We are also in talk with the private distributors.”            

Ever since Sharma has assumed the office as the Chairman of the organisation, he has visited all the plants, talked to its officers and employees and workers. He also talked to different industry people on different issues. 

“As regard administration of the organisation we have started recruiting the vacant posts. There are around 800 posts in HDCFL and out of which 540 posts were vacant. We are to start recruiting from the campus of the reputed management Institutes. Already we have introduced the biometric system as to ensure regular attendance of the employees. Every employee has to punch in the system three times in a day.  We have also taken different employee welfare schemes,” said Sharma.

Sharma also talked about up gradation of the  HDDCFL production plants . “All the production plants of  Jind, Ambala, Rohtak, Ballabgarh, Sirsa, Kurukshetra will be upgraded one by one. All these plants will be modernised like the plants of Anand in Gujarat. It is a costly proposition and upgrading of one project would cost in between 24 Crores to 115 Crores.  For that, we have to take loan assistance from the financial organisation. Works are going on in this direction also,” said Sharma.
In future GL Sharma wants to see  HDDCFL as one of the leading dairy development organisation of the country so that it can better serve  to the people of Haryana and  rest of the country.

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