They are the bikers from different parts of Delhi NCR. Unlike other bikers, they are quite disciplined, inspired and full of passion and enthusiasm. They are on a mission –a mission for humanity. They ride the bike for a social cause. They are the professionals and businessman men hailing from the different walk of life. Some of the bikers are working in multinational companies and some of them having their own business venture. Yes, we are talking about ‘The Harmony of Riders’ (THOR) –the group from Delhi NCR inspired to ride for a social cause.

All the members of the group were at Gurukul of Earth Saviours Foundation at Bandhwari Village in Gurgaon Faridabad Road on 16 October to help the inmates. They celebrated the Birth Day of one of the riders in the Gurukul, offered food and clothes to the inmates. They shared their experiences in bike riding and how they finally decided to ride for a cause. Before that, all the bikers were welcomed by Ravi Kalra founder of Earth Saviours Foundation. In his welcome speech Ravi Kalra highly appreciated the work all the bikers.

“The first impression about the bikers is always negative, as we see bikers’ drives rash, not follow the rules, don’t use safety gears and many more. We had a group of young riders from our friend's circle. We did enough joy ride in different parts of the country with friends. Then we thought after the Joyride what the next is? Enough is enough and then we decided that we will ride for a cause. And all the riders nodded in silence, and the Journey started from that moment, said Ajit Sharma, a businessman and the main patronage of the group.

‘The Harmony Of Riders’ (THOR) totally changed the meaning of RIDE and mindset of people. The Harmony Of Riders is the group of young and enthusiast to mature and passionate riders. The aim of this group is to organise the Cause rides for the Society and Nation. THOR is inaugurated on 15th August 2016, celebrated Independence Day with 2 BIHAR Unit. On the same day, THOR organised Blood Donation Camp for our Army soldiers at Armed Forces Transfusion Centre, Sadar Bazar," said Madhusudan Singh, also popularly known as Maddy in the group.

THOR organised the ride to support orphanage child girl of KILKARI Foundation, also raise fund for Flood victims of this year and donate to Prime Minister Relief Fund.

“THOR motivates our youth and our society to come forward with such Cause Rides and serve our society and Nation with responsibility and accountability," said another rider.


“On 16th Oct, once again THOR came back with one more cause ride with The Earth Saviours Foundation. GURUKUL, an old age home and shelter for mentally challenged people, accommodates approx. 350 inmates. Gurukul is running by the Founder and President of The Earth Saviour Foundation,Sh. Ravi Kalra , Karm Yogi. With his support and blessings, we would be able to organise such a great cause. THOR riders spent a wonderful day with elders, organised lunch, serve with love and smile, donate medicine and raw food to the Gurukul family. Riders and their families joined the event and shared the wonderful day with wonder world of old people, GURUKUL,” said Pravesh Kaushik another rider.

Along with Gurukul, ‘The Harmony of Riders’ are also going to join “Do No Honk” campaign, “Save Earth” campaign in next month.

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