Contrary to a stereotype of Sunday -of watching TV and playing in the community playground, for  Ayushman, Arjit , Meer, Yash, Harshit, Nandini, Shivani and some other kids in their different age group, Sunday means to do something new and to learn about the Vedic way of life. Come Sunday all these kids jubilantly turn up at the Gurukul running in Rohini with their parents.

It seems very strange !  But it is true.  As soon as these kids enter they greet one another and their instructors in the traditional way. They keep their footwear outside the classroom in a disciplined manner. After usual prayer, they attend the classes on vegetarianism, meditation, chanting on Japa mala, reciting of Sanskrit Slokas from Bhagwat Gita and Srimad Bhagawat Gita, painting, dances and drama etc.

Arjit Bhagat , a 9th standard student of  Bhagat International School, said “ I like the moral values thought here. I learnt about how to maintain discipline, respect to elder and all people and work selflessly.  I really like scriptural characters like of Arjuna  and Krishna . I have learnt much about their true friendship. Krishna was always with Arjuna at the battlefield.”

Another regular attendee of the programme  Meer Duggal of Vikas Bharti Public School, a 9th standard student said “Here I have learnt a lot of new things like how to maintain timetable, be clean and also tell others to be neat and clean. I have learnt about lots of scriptural characters . When I told my friends about this school they also expressed their desire to attend our classes.”

Harshit a student of 6th standard  from Ryan International School said, “We do meditation while chanting on beads, read books on our scriptures and these we do here in a homely atmosphere."   

Kids above the age of five are eligible for the classes of this school where they are thought free of any cost. The school is running under the supervision and active help of CA Sonu Gupta. He is helped by other ladies of North Delhi particular Rohini and Pitampura area. CA Sonu Gupta has been actively helping in running these Vedic schools in different parts of Rohini and Pitampura.

What promoted to those ladies who come to impart the Vedic lifestyle to the new generation?  

Archana Bhagat, an advocate of Supreme Court who has been  very active in running these Gurukul said,  “It was my  son who attended one of the classes of Gurukul and he really likes it. He told me to come with him and see one class how they are running. I really liked the class and started attending the classes of Sonu Gupta that she takes for the parents.  Soon I completed the class and told Sonu Gupta my desire to help these classes for the Kid. Now we are regularly conducting the classes for the kids of our area.”

“I was contemplating how to make holidays more meaningful, where I can do something for our future generation in imparting rich knowledge of traditional Vedic life.  First, we started with one school now we have expanded into different areas of North Delhi.  I am helped by several like-minded ladies of different areas. The school has been running for several years and getting very popular. Parents of a lot of kids have expressed their desire to enrol their kids in the class.” said Sonu Gupta.

“I feel if the parents learn good things  and value education then they can teach it to their children. It is very important for the parent to groom themselves and impart value education to their kid. Whatever the parents do the kids also follow them. Every time we blame the kids for doing wrong things. But it is the parents who are to be  blamed for the wrong things done by their kids,” said Renu Garg.  

It is really amazing to see these kids wearing dhoti and kurta at this young age and playing different traditional instruments like Kartal, Mridanga, Harmonium and other traditional and modern instruments.

Lots of kids attending the classes here are winning prizes at the different competitions in their respective schools. The knowledge of these kids on Sanskrit takes their teachers aback in their respective schools. These Vedic kids are also getting expertise in dance and drama.

“The pronunciations of the Sanskrit word are very difficult but once the children are used to it they can better pronounce their English Vocab.  Moreover, they are getting acquainted with  rich Indian Vedic Culture. In this age of materialism, our children and parents hardly bother to know rich Indian heritage. This is really disappointing,” says Sonu Gupta.

Parents are also quite happy with the performances of the students. “The heroic deeds of Krishna are enough to lull them to sleep in the night. My little child is now amazed by the story of Putna and child Krishna. We have seen a behavioural change of our child .My child is more sober and gentle than before", said Rajesh Thukral, one of the parents.

The display board of the room where the classes are held is full of their paintings in different hues. The Scriptural character like little Prahlad, Dhruv, and Krishna in his child is the heroes and heroines of these children. In today's parents who are all for ape westernizations of their kids, these children from posh areas of North Delhi  pursuing the Vedic way of life must be an eye opener to them all.



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