Entrepreneur Raj Hazarika was planning to celebrate his Brith Day in a simple way at his home in Gurgaon with all the family members and friends. By the evening the cake was brought and the food was ready. But when all his friends came in the horde to the spot they wanted to celebrate the occasion in some reputed spot or pub as a masquerade party. Their Dil Maange More!

“At the last moments, the venue had to be changed. All my friends wanted to celebrate it outside and make it a big one,” said Raj Hazarika

Finally, the venue was selected by the consent of the guests and all the party hoppers rushed to there. It was one of the leading party sports at DLF in Gurgaon.


“ On the way to the spot, in a hurry we brought masquerade kits and shared with each other. It was like a Halloween party, we did in Delhi,” said Anu one of Raj's friends.

“It was an amazing experience. After wearing the mask, My God! it was difficult to recognize each other. Raj looked different. I was wondering about who's who,” said Shruti, Raj's wife. Shruti looked gorgeous in her robes.

Being Friday evening all the party lovers did not care for the time factor. Next day was Saturday being a holiday, the party continued till midnight with dance and music. There were nice food and drinks. Taking selfies and photos shot in front of the lensmen of the media, cracking jokes and dancing to the tune of rocking music and sharing their Wats up numbers and finally Raj cutitng a big cake, all the guest and hosts enjoyed the evening to the full.

Present in the party were Raj's close friends from Delhi NCR- Anubha Khurana Dube, Arpita Sinha, Dhurb Sunjea, Gayan Dhruba, Aditya Khanna, Suvrata Gyan, Syamanta Das, Rituraj Baruah, Nandini Loya Baruah, Niharika Pande, Ashih Marbaniang, Roshmi Barthakur, Akansha Sharma, Siddharth Lohtia, Naman Gupta, Mac Laton Kharmawphlang.  

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