Rotary Club as an international organisation is just amazing and method of its working for a social cause  is miraculous. If some service project is dedicated and named after an individual’s name during its lifetime, then responsibility gets bigger to make it workable and to deliver the best. That is what exactly  is expected from ‘Project Aabha’ which is an honour given to a TV anchor ,actor, writer ,director, social activist and also a member of the Rotary Club of New Delhi  Rotarian Aabha Jha Choudhary. 

The Rotary Club of New Delhi has adopted HARSURU village, under Rotary International's programme called ROTARY COMMUNITY CORPS to bring  all round development of the village.  Since the  club members  have great faith and confidence in Aabha’s  enthusiasm and dedication, then president  of the club Rtn Prashant  Sehgal named this service Project  on her name  on 23rd of April 2016  on her birthday, as the club  was quite optimistic that she can very well take this  club’s  initiative to the bigger height.

Veteran like Rotarian Pran Mehta, who is the brain behind this project in village Harsaru in the District Gurugram of Haryana, supports flag bearer  Rtn Aabha wholeheartedly, to bring a  smile to those children whose dream and aspirations are still to take a shape.

In recent times, the club has done lots of activities to improve facilities and amenities in an adopted  government High School in the village Harsaru. Under TEACH programme- Library has been remodelled, stationeries are being provided regularly. Under Sanitation programme- Hand washing stations have been installed at the school campus. The computer lab is being revamped , Printer and copier have been provided to the school authority. Apart from above facilitations, talent hunts, sports day celebration, regular health check-up camps etc. are being organised time to time  in order to encourage school  children.

The Rotarians are very keen in doing other related activities to make this Project a model, so other similar organisations  can get motivated and replicate such model, which will, in the long run, help in Nation building. Our reporter asked Rotarian Aabha about the future plans, she was full of ideas and very eager to implement them too. She said, “As this service project has been named after me ,my duties have multiplied and now I am much more self-motivated to bring in all positive changes in this Government school. I keep visiting all the way from Delhi to Harsaru for supervision.The school children are now asking for a Badminton court which is going to be  provided very soon. A computer Literacy  programme  by the Microsoft  for senior children is also in the pipeline. I feel privileged that, Rotary has given me such opportunity to do service above self.”


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