CD Kids World – the Pre- Primary CD International School sector 71 Gurugram celebrated Shri Krishna Janmashtami with great grandeur. The young ones were looking very charming in dresses of Shri Krishna. The girls danced beautifully as Gopi. The campus was abuzz with activities and it resembled full of sights of Vrindavan – the birth place of Lord Krishna.

The scenes from the lives of Devki and Vasudev were staged by the students. The kids sang bhajans in their melodious voice like the one -Choti – Choti Gaiya- Chote Chote Gaval. The scene of Dahi Handi was also shown there. The teachers told the stories from the life of Lord Krishna.  

CD Kids World Incharge – Mrs. Harpreet Kaur mentioned that the objective behind these activities is to enhance the knowledge of the students about festivals and Indian Culture. The stories about the friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama were told and messages of Lord Krishna were also explained to the kids.

The Director of the School – Mr. Yashpal Yadav motivated the students to celebrate the festivals with great enthusiasm.” Shri Krishna Janmashtami is an opportunity to celebrate our cultural heritage and to look back our rich tradition. The festival not only infuses a sense of morality into the minds of young children but also make children aware of our past glories,” added Mr. Yashpal Yadav.  

Children Tejash , Kanak, Bhavishya , Monu , Lakshya, Arya, Priyanshi, Nishu, Aradhya, Ansh, Suvankar, Anupam, Ayush, Hanshika, Yash, Harsh, Yatharth, Kanishk,Shagun, Gatik, Vishnu and Mahi, participated in various cultural programmes. Teachers explained the significance of Sri Krishna Janmashtami to students.

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